Thursday, March 24, 2011

List of ten things that will make me happy

First off, a Coach purse. I would prefer the bigger style but medium would work.
Secondly, a new washer and dryer, mine are the ones my mother had that I grew up with.
Third, weekly pedicure with friends.
Fourth, the courage to sing more and get a record deal.
Fifth, a iPad.
Sixth, ability to go to the store and shop for groceries and not worry if I spend too much.
Seventh, a personal trainer who came to my house and helped motivate me.
Eighth, a new wardrobe of high fashion clothing.
Ninth, the new mini copper with four doors.
Tenth, a mothers helper.
Wow, if I just got all of these, I would be truly happy. Right? Wait, what if the Coach purse got written on with a sharpie the day after I bring it home? What if my washer and dryer don't work as well as the ones I have? What if my friends are busy and can't come? What if everyone hates my singing? What if my iPad gets stolen? What if I get fat from buying too much food? What if I still gain weight with a trainer? What if the new clothes don't fit cause I gained weight? What if I crash my car? What if my mothers helper quits?
How many things I think about that would make me happy, but truly won't. The only thing I know that can make me happy every day of my life is Jesus Christ and making Him Lord of my life. If I don't make that decision when I wake up everyday, happiness will never find me because the what ifs in life happen. Christ will never leave and will never stop loving you. He is waiting with arms open and saying to you, calling out, "Dear child, welcome home!"