Monday, December 5, 2011

CHRISTmas is coming! Santa's Not...

As always, I must say I realize that Christmas is not the actual day of Jesus' birthday. That being said, I will still be throwing Him a party just like when we celebrate birthday parties here on different days due to conflicting schedules.
Some people may not like the fact that my kids will always know Santa is not real for fear that they may tell their children, (I promise, I told them not to talk about it to their friends) but honestly, I am okay with my kids knowing the truth from the start. I don't judge anyone on their parenting style unless of course you are letting your kid hang out the window of the car with no seat belt on like I saw someone do last week! I believed in Santa just like most American children and was pretty upset to find out he wasn't real. But once I made the choice to be completely honest with my kids on everything, I knew what I had to tell them. Big's eyes still light up when we see Santa at the mall and when he handed her a piece of candy at Goodwill this weekend she told everyone we saw but at home when I asked her if he was real, she said he's just pretend. I am at peace with her knowing the truth because when she is older and someone tells her something she isn't sure is pretend or not, she will know that I will always tell her the truth because I always have.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Flash 24 Hour Giveaway!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I know we did. My sister, mom and aunt and I got some great deals for gifts and a few sales we couldn't pass up for ourselves! My darling husband bought my anniversary gift early and I got my KitchenAid! I know I will be making lots of fun treats now that I feel like my kitchen is complete! I don't usually have people over except for a meal or games and dessert but when we visit my family in Joplin we are there for the weekend and have lots of meals to eat while we are there so hopefully this giveaway will help you out if you are having family staying with you during the holidays! This is a $10 gift certificate for any Dakota Beef product. It expires on 12/31/11 so you'll want to use it when you get it. Here is the list where you can buy these always organic beef! This giveaway ends 11/29/11 at noon! Just comment on if you have decorated for Christmas! We did last night and had so much fun with Big and Little!
This giveaway is not sponsored by anyone but myself!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Torani's Winner and New Blog Header!

First off, thanks so much for everyone who read and commented on my blog! I was so excited to see some readers in the Netherlands! Also, I wanted to thank Mia Mar Design for here great work and ease to work with on designing my blog header and button! I love them!!! Alright now for our winners!!!

ppreacherswife and Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads!!!
Congrats and look forward to hearing from you in the next 48 hours or I will draw new winners!
So what do you think of my new blog look? Please comment and let me know!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Torani Review and Giveaway 2 Winners!

First off, I have to give a special thanks to SheSpeaks! I am working with SheSpeaks Blogger Society and they have given me the opportunity to review Torani's who is a favorite among most coffee shops and cafes with over 80 flavors to choose from. I have had a secret love affair with Italian Cream Soda's for a long time since I cannot enjoy coffee unless it is almost not coffee anymore! When I was a kid, I used to love it when we'd go to CiCi's Pizza since they had their fountain drinks where you could fill your own cup and I would make a Suicide! (Soda Suicide, ya know when you mix all the soda flavors together!) I love mixing drinks together and adding cherry or vanilla or now say, Pumpkin Pie!
My honest opinion of Torani's is that you can't find a much better flavor idea! These are wonderful for hot and cold drinks and I am thinking maybe even in something you eat! Think of your plain old orange Jell-O, you could add Kiwi or Passion Fruit to make that after school snack even more fun.The flavors are very concentrated so you only need a little which means it last quite a while. For my adventurous friends out there, flavors range from fun Cupcake to bizarre Bacon! My person favorite is Carmel and adding it to my hot chocolate in the morning while I am doing the dishes or maybe even blogging!
You can buy it now with this 10% discount code "shespeaks" at Also, TWO of you get the chance to pick out your own bottle of Torani's flavors. I will be picking two winners from the comments below on November 16 (my hubby's birthday) to celebrate the unveiling of my new blog design! I'm mail out the coupons  to the two winners within 48 hours of their reply email.

How to enter: Leave a comment on what flavor you'd like to try and what you'd mix it with!
Optional additional entries: Share on facebook, twitter (with link), like my facebook page, follow me on GFC!
Good luck and I am looking forward to seeing all your great ideas!

*I did not receive any financial compensation for this review, though I did review a sample of the product for evaluation purposes. The opinions are based only on my experiences with the product.*

Make sure and thank the sponsors @SheSpeaks on twitter using #SSTorani for one extra entry if you read my whole blog! :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Judging a Bad Mom

So here's the deal, I know this bad mom. She loves them, but I just think she could do so much better job. She yells at her kids and loses her cool pretty quickly. But the kids act spoiled and through fits a lot. Usually at least one of her kids are crying when they are in public. It looks like she's trying but I just don't understand why house is a mess. There is always dishes in the sink and I know for a fact that she doesn't stick to her grocery list and goes out to eat a few times a week. Why is it so hard for her to keep her kid in control? Both kids are super picky and it looks like they don't eat very healthy no matter what she makes for dinner. Do other people have these problems, too? Her girl is always crying! She cries about the color of her shoes and cries about going to school. And the boy, I swear he is always running! I have never seen him slow down. I think if I hear her say, "No!" one more time, I'm going to cry for her. I did forget to mention that her kids really love her and are always following her around and they always want to be with her. What do you thing, am I really a bad mom? Today I am feeling like one. My five year old daughter refused to get on the school bus after she begged for a month to ride the bus. I finally signed her up, we stood out in the rain and waited and when the bus pulled up, she freak out! I told her I just couldn't do it and she was not allowed to ride the bus till next year. So, please tell what to do, because honestly,  this bad mom doesn't know what to do.
(I know I am not a bad mom, I just know I need some help here!)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Does God Want Me To Be Happy?

There is article after article about "How To Be Happy!" They all sound so great. Get more sleep, eat better, don't get stressed out. I even found a step by step guide here. But, does God want us to be happy? I believe the answer is yes and no. There are times where God is allowing us to be sad or not happy because He is using that situation to allow Him to work in our life. I have read a lot of quotes lately that say, "Do What Makes YOU Happy!" They sound great, don't they? This morning I paid off our only credit card bill. We have one other small debt and other than our house and we will be debt free! That makes me happy. I have to admit, during the time it took us to pay off the bills we acquired, I wasn't always happy. We we came into extra money, like the amount we got this morning, I would have been really happy to get my yellow Kitchen aid and paid someone to come clean my house and quite a few other things with all that money, that would have made me happy. But I chose to put more important things above my happiness and made the hard decision. I am glad I made that choice. By not allowing "happiness" to rule my life, I made the choice to get out of debt which makes me JOYFUL! Sometimes in life, we don't feel happy with the choices we made. Well, you then have to decide where you want to go from there. If you are in a marriage and you are not happy think about what decision you may potentially make that will irrevocably change the rest of your life. There are joyful days ahead if you just seek the will of God and not allowing the first choice to always be happiness comes first! My dear friend and I are starting a study over The Proper Care &Feeding of Husbands by Dr. Laura Schlessinger. I just stared this book and it is already raking me over the coals on how selfish I have been in my marriage. If you are interested in reading this also, pick up a copy or even choose to have it sent to your e-reader like I love to do now! So what do you think, are you trying to hard to be happy?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Lonely in a Crowded Room

Have you ever been there? Most of the time that is me. I just kinda stand there with a smile on my face and look around, trying to figure out if I should walk up and talk to someone or just wait until someone looks interested in talking to me. I am out of place everywhere I go. Even around people that I love and spend most of my time with, I am never fully at ease. I ask myself, why could that be. Sometimes I wonder if it because I am too busy thinking about something else. I always seem to have a few somethings on my mind, such as I hope Little doesn't throw up while we are eating again or I hope no body walks up and tries to talk to Big and send her into one of her crying fits. Something I always think about if cleaning around the house! I always have grand plans on making the house look great, the plans usually don't make it home! I think the main reason I don't feel at home is because, simply I am not. My true home is waiting for me in Heaven. I know that because Jesus is the Lord of my life and I daily surrender to Him. Being a Christian doesn't mean you don't mess up or even that your life will be perfect, being a Christian simply means you want a relationship with the God of the Universe. There are a great many things waiting in Heaven and when I am there I am grateful there will be no more tears and secretly I am excited for no more sneezing and allergies! I heard it described like this once and haven't heard anything better since so this is how I'll go with it: Heaven is like Disney World when you haven only played on a swing in the park. As far as you know, the swing is the best thing you know but Disney World is out there and way better than a swing in the park. Our Earthly swing may seem great today, but there is a place WAY more amazing than you could even dream of!  "In my Father's house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am. You know the way to the place where I am going." John 14:2-4

$5 Amazon Giveaway WINNER here!

 The winner of our $5 Amazon code is: asha.marie@******. com The winning number was chosen by Randon.She has been notified and has 24 hours to respond. If she doesn't I'll get a new winner! Thanks so much for all of the ideas for more giveaways! I will be contacting reps this week and see what birthday and Christmas gifts I can help you win in the next few months! Thanks again and keep reading! My blog is here to honor Jesus and tell others about Him!

Friday, September 16, 2011

$5 Amazon Giveaway!

I am having a last minute giveaway to help celebrate my beautiful children's birthday! To enter leave a comment below on what you are wanting for your next birthday or Christmas! Tweet on twitter and share on facebook for an extra entry. Just leave a comment for each one that you did! Giveaway ends on Sunday at midnight! Oh yeah, I want a Yellow Kitchenaid!
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm not one for tears... But

My little boy is two today! I can't believe it and honestly it makes me a little sad. We decided while we were still pregnant that we would only have two natural children and that if the Lord placed it on our hearts to have more we'd adopt and/or do foster care. When I look at his newborn pictures it almost makes me want to cry because he is just so tiny and beautiful. Also, in the pictures there is no noise, which there has been no short supply of since he made his arrival! He didn't sleep through the night till he was about 14 months old and still wakes up every other week just crying for mommy. So for the rest of this week and on into the weekend there will be celebrating in our house with family and friends! You see, my we have another birthday this weekend too so be expecting pictures and maybe a celebration giveaway! :) Here is Mr. Little on his first day in the new world of life! Any you must know he has the biggest, crystal blue eyes ever!

Monday, September 12, 2011

CouponCabin’s Crazy Dayz Of Giveawayz Event Sign Ups

We’ve got an upcoming giveaway hop that’s going to KNOCK your socks off! CouponCabin’s 25 Crazy Dayz of Giveawayz is hosted by Simply Stacie, Makobi Scribe and Sassy Mama in LA and sponsored by, a leading online destination for coupons including coupon codes, printables, grocery coupons and more.
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Friday, September 9, 2011

Christians Who Love Gays...

A Christian who loves a gay person is tolerant, right? No, Christ did not call us to be tolerant! He called us to LOVE!  I love gay people! I love transgender, bisexual and straight people, too! Does this mean I want them to live a lifestyle that goes against what scripture says, no but I love them anyway. I love all people for that is what God calls us to do. "By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another" (John 13:35) By loving people we are able to show others about His love and sacrifice and what a joy that can be. Our job is not to tell a lesbian that she is wrong! He wants us to love her and tell her about the joy of salvation! The work of the Holy Spirit in her life is what will lead to lifestyle change. Not amount of hate or judgement will ever win a person to Christ. Acceptance and grace is what wrapped around your heart and made you realize that there is so much more to this life than just money and posessions. There is a true peace that will never be found in a person who loves you on earth. Joy can only come from the Father as He holds out His arms and welcomes you home!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Surprise Blessings!

I called my mom today, well I call her everyday and usually a few times a day! (I think I am at four times today!) I told her I was going to try and go shopping this weekend for a food processor since my dollar store 1-cup processor took an hour to chop all the veggies for my homemade salsa! I had a gift card left over from my birthday and I thought this was the perfect time to use it! I decided to join the twitter party from Macy's and She Speaks since they were going to have some great prizes and I thought, someone has to win, why not me! Guess what?! I won!!! Want to guess what I won?A food processor! This is a top quality, not too big for my tiny kitchen Cuisniart 9-cup food processor! I did a happy dance with Matt who I must admit was a little shocked that I won something so cool and so needed! It is just awesome that the Lord provides things for us even sometimes when we forget to ask Him! Just think what might have happened if I ask Him first! Hope this makes you smile like me and reminds you His blessings always come at the right time!
P.S. the homemade salsa was worth it!

Why I don't Always Listen to God

I'm not sure if you speak with the Lord like I do, but lately I haven't wanted to listen. I try and be transparent here so that the Lord can work through me, so here I go! Reason one, I am scared. Afraid that what He is calling me to do or say is bigger than me and the idea of me doing something out of my comfort zone is a little much sometimes. To get over that I think about friends on the mission field and family serving God in a way that is way bigger than stepping up and following Him in my own little world. Two, I don't want to! Wow, sometime my selfishness hits me like a ton of bricks and I am taken back by how much I am truly blessed and how much I have to give. Third reason, my past can get in the way. This one is almost twofold. By seeing how I missed His calling previously and wishing I could correct it but also guilt that holds onto me that I allow to be thrown in my face. I am not proud of the fact that I have a laundry list of jobs. While I have acquired many skills I also haven't ever stuck with anything for to long. Lastly, I don't think people will understand. There are days when the Lord will tug at your heartstrings and tell you that the person across the room needs to hear of His love and that may feel overwhelming or even embarrassing! I have done it and you walk up slowly, dragging your feet. You look away and scratch your head and try to guess how crazy you think you look. But, obeying the gentle whisper of our Father is worth it! This week I finally gave up and listened to Him. Most of you know I have been cleaning at the church but the past few weeks He has laid it on my heart to truly commit to being a stay at home and focusing more on Big and Little and my house. (It's gotten kinda out of control around here!) So last night, I turned in my notice and I feel such at peace. I listened to Him and I believe that He blesses us when we follow His leading. It maybe in huge ways by Matt getting a job blessing or maybe that Big remembers all the extra time I spend with her and never questions my love and commitment to her. This is my calling and for that I am grateful. Listen to Him and know that His blessings outnumber any fear or embarrassment you may have.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vampire Romance... Forever

Okay, I'll admit it, I am not proud of the fact, but I love the Twilight series. Please don't lose respect for me! I heard about it a few years ago when my sister told me there was a great show, I watched it while very sick and pregnant with Little and couldn't have even cared enough to finish the whole movie. Then I had a friend tell me again about it and I thought, why not I'll watch it again a year later and see what I thought. I LOVED IT! I read the books and watched the movies and enjoyed seeing how it all played out. But then I realized what I loved about it. The whole love story. (And just for the record, I'm team Jacob!) The day the trailer came out for Breaking Dawn, I watched it three times because of the first line, "No measure of time with you will be long enough, but we'll start with forever". Oh my goodness! That is what every woman and man wants to hear! I have been checking out Randy Garris' sermons on Heaven and what happens when you die and I started to realize, that love story is ours for the taking!!! There is a God waiting for us every single day just wants to spend time with us, all the time in the world. Now that is worth swooning for! Jesus came to this Earth, fully became sin, died and rose again so He could pursue us in a way we could never dream. The words in these books and so many other movies, that sweep us off our feet are puppy love and measly child's play. The God and King of the entire universe is beckoning us to come run away and fall in love with Him every day so we can live in Heaven forever. A true love that will never disappoint and never give up. He's calling you, do you hear the gentle whisper of His love saying, "I created infinity just so I would never have to leave you!"

Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh Solo Me-oh

The first time I heard of this, I am pretty sure I thought there was some crazy people out there trying to steal my fun at summer church camp. I opened up the folder for the week and browsed through all the great activities that would be occupying my time away from home and got stuck at "Oh Solo Me-oh" What in the world was that?! We'll once I asked I wish I hadn't! Oh Solo Me-oh was four hours of our camp time we took our Bible, note pad and pen and ourselves and were quite! We were to spend the time reading God's word, praying and most importantly being quite. Scripture tells that we are to be still. "Be still, and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10) How hard is that with the TV on, netflix streaming, a iPhone and one hand and a crying baby in the other arm? There are very few moments of my day that are truly quite but when they are, I savor them and then usually want a nap immediately! Psalm 1:2 say, "But they delight in the law of the LORD, meditating on it day and night." How often I forget that I must read the word of my LORD and then be still and listen to what He is saying to my heart. Honestly, I don't remember the last time I have done this. So truthfully I wrote this for me, to remind me that the word of God is just waiting for me to soak it up and them all it to weave it's love and truth into my life if I just allow it. Will you follow me on this adventure of seeking time out during the day when sleep is not calling you and you can really focus on what the LORD is wanting to teach you through His word and have your own Oh Solo Me-oh time?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Today is the Day!

Well we had a great birthday weekend. I got to spend some quality time with family and since really cool gifts! My Starbucks giveaway was a big hit! Hoping to have another one real soon!
Anyway, we are starting the dreaded potty training on Little today! He will be two in less than a month and showing signs of readiness! We are using our new big boy underwear Disney had on sale this weekend with his best friend, Buzf, better know as Buzz Lightyear! We are also prepared with our cheapo potty chair from Walmart, an array of towels and my newest favorite our potty training Potty Chart from Potty Tots . He likes to look at the picture and point to them in order. So far he has earned one M&M for trying and he'll get five for going potty. I am not sure how fast he'll learn but he catches on to things pretty quick usually! So wish me luck and leave me a comment if you have any advice! This is Little next to his chart and potty! He is growing up fast!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cleaning for my King

I'm going to let you in on a secret, I hate cleaning! I have gotten to the point where I can clean really fast but I tend to take shortcuts. Like when I am feeling really lazy at home, I'll teach Lilly how to clean the table. Graham is also my helper now, too. He likes to push the wet laundry in dryer. This totally makes me smile since I am teaching my kids responsibility and how to be independent. But, back to my unkind feelings for cleaning. I will always put it off and then I rush, I am also a bad procrastinator. Not good character qualities but I am working on them, well, rather the Lord is working on them. I wake up and turn everyday over to the Lord. I know that if I don't do this, my whole day will be ruined. It has happened. Don't get me wrong, even when I turn my day over to Him, everything is not perfect. The kids still fight, the gas tank is still empty and there are still bills to pay, BUT I know I am doing it all to give the Lord glory. One of my favorite Scriptures is 1 Corinthians 10:31 (NIV) So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. So, once I took the job cleaning the church (I know right, cleaning!!!) I had to decide that I couldn't be taking shortcuts on taking care of the Lords house. I will let you know that I don't believe Jesus lives in the church but I know that when my church family is all together the Lord is there because in Matthew 18 it tells us that were ever two or more are gathered in My name, I am among them. Lately, I have been trying to turn my house into a gathering place. I am wanting to invite people into my home and love on the like Jesus. So, now I have been trying to clean my house for the King and for His people. I can't take shortcuts anymore. I have to clean in such a way that honors God. Here's another thing that has been pressing on my heart and with school starting you may be feeling it, too! Philippians 2:14(NIV) Do everything without grumbling or arguing. Wow, how many times do I complain about woe is me? I can guarantee it is way to much! So here is my three challenges to you! 1. Clean for your King! Make a effort to do your best in whatever you do where it be scrubbing toilets like me or putting up with the annoying coworker who is always late and gossips. 2 Try to think before you complain. This one will be hard for me since it seems to me I have been complaining a little too much lately! 3. My favorite for last: love on people! Get your hands dirty and show others how the Lord has blessed you and find out how you can be a blessing to them.
So what do you think? Care to take a challenge that could change the way you look at your day?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Daily Deelz $5 Weekend Credit

Who doesn't love free credit? I know I do! I have been able to score some Christmas gifts for free or super cheap! Here is a new site similar to Groupon called Daily Deelz! This weekend if you like there facebook and email my new accquatian, Mr. Paul you will get a credit to your Daily Deelz for $5! Also, once you sign up you will get a unique refurall code that you can share with friends and have them sign up and they pay you money! There is a whole break down on their site on how you can make money when your friends snags one of there awesome deals! Like them, sign up and email Paul for your credit to hit your account Monday! Here is Paul's email:
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Friday, August 5, 2011

My Birthday $15 Starbucks GC Giveaway

Here is the $15 Starbucks giveaway! This ends on my birthday, August 20, 2011! Please enter, share and have fun!

This is my first rafflecopter so please let me know if you have any problems entering!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lamb That Came Home: Offermatic $5 Subway Refund

Lamb That Came Home: Offermatic $5 Subway Refund: "If you are like me, you like to eat! I eat a lot and I enjoy it even more! Right now, Offermatic has an awesome offer for you! You can sign ..."

Offermatic $5 Subway Refund

If you are like me, you like to eat! I eat a lot and I enjoy it even more! Right now, Offermatic has an awesome offer for you! You can sign up and get a $5 Subway refund when you spend $5 at Subway! How easy it that. It only took me 3 minutes to sign up and get it all set up. We eat Subway A LOT seeing that it is the only chain restaurant in our tiny town! Here is the link if you want to sign up and get $5 back for lunch!

Lamb That Came Home: Giveaways!

Lamb That Came Home: Giveaways!: "I love giveaways! You only have to spend a little time to become hooked! The most valuable thing I have won was a $250 QuikTrip gift card an..."


I love giveaways! You only have to spend a little time to become hooked! The most valuable thing I have won was a $250 QuikTrip gift card and the $95 Pandora bracelet! I have also won fun gift cards for $5 and $10 dollars. Also just fun things. Here is on I am trying to win now!
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Monday, August 1, 2011

My Birthday Giveaway $15 Starbucks Giftcard!

I am moving this to a new page so it is easier to find and enter!!!

Lamb That Came Home: GIVEAWAY $10 Dunkin Donuts

Lamb That Came Home: GIVEAWAY $10 Dunkin Donuts: "I am having my first giveaway! In honor of starting my blog Facebook page today! I will have a drawing form the comments below telling me wh..."

GIVEAWAY $10 Dunkin Donuts closed! Winner here!

Update: I never heard from our first winner so I have now emailed our new winner who is tqw11@***.com Congrats! You have 48 hours to email me back with your address or I will have to choose another winner!

The winner is wildmild4u@******.com
CONGRATS! You will have 48 hours to email me back with your address or I will draw a new winner!
this giveaway is closed! Winner announced tonight! Be looking for post!!!

I am having my first giveaway! In honor of starting my blog Facebook page today! I will have a drawing form the comments below telling me what your favorite donut is! I'll use to chose a winner on    August 6, 2011. You can enter more than once by sharing my page with friends and leaving a separate comment once you did! Thanks so much for all of your support and I love my Facebook/Blog friends!

This giveaway is not sponsored by Facebook or Dunkin Donuts.


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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lamb That Came Home: Useful Ways to be Weird

Lamb That Came Home: Useful Ways to be Weird: "Debt is normal. Be weird! Quote from man who is truly helping to transform Matt and my financial life. Dave Ramsey, we thank you for helpin..."

Useful Ways to be Weird

Debt is normal. Be weird! Quote from man who is truly helping to transform Matt and my financial life. Dave Ramsey, we thank you for helping us open our eyes and helping us pay off some stupid tax. I would suggest to everyone who would like to find there way out of debt or just make a real change in there savings account to look him up! I am just going to give you a list of ways that are mostly practical that can increase your income and decrease your spending.
1. At home haircuts! I bought pair of clippers from Walmart for under $20. Matt and Little's hair grows fast so this paid for it's self the first time I used it. It also come with scissors so I am able to cut bigs hair, too!
2. Coupons. This can be easy or hard depending on how big you go. I am not an extreme couponer at all! I normally only save 15-30% of our grocery bill but every penny helps. We also us groupons and living social a lot to be able to find fun places to go or different restaurants that we normally wouldn't eat at for usually at least a 50% discount.
3. Order water out to eat. We usually get water or Matt and I switch back and forth. If I really need a drink of soda with my meal, I just take a drink of his but usually that saves us about $7 a meal if you are a at sit down restaurant.
4. Reuse anything you can! We take paper bags and make puppets, walmart sacks for bathroom trash bags and I am a huge reusable bag person! I probably have 15 of them!
5. Piggybacking off of 4. Reasors and Target both have a five cent discount per bag off your bill. If you have just five bags you made a quarter extra!
6. Buy "new-to-you". We do this quite a big also. We go to yard sales, Goodwill, consignment and craigslist.We have been able to buy some very nice things that we would not have normally been able to afford from these places. Be careful you check to make things work or are in good condition.
7. Making money: Sell stuff you don't use or need! I use craigslist and yard sale also to get rid of clothes or toys and household items I have no need for anymore also. Great way to start your $1000 emergency fund.
8. Odd jobs. This one is big for me! I have done lots of things to make quick money. I have grocery shopped for people for a fee, I clean the church,babysit, Matt does computer repair. Find out what you are good at or can make and sell what you do best!
9. Open your own business. This one can be very time consuming and can require a large investment. I have a home based business but right now it is very part time but I am hoping to pick up soon once things settle into the school year.
10. Be creative! You know ways that are easy for your family to cut back. Also lots of people are great with money and they may be able to help you sit down and look at your budget and find ways were money might be leaking out without you realizing it!
11. Sign for online freebies or accounts. Lot of times new websites will give you a credit on there account for signing up for the first time. Like No More Rack gives you $10 credit and a chance to earn free gifts if your friends sign up! Also Swagbucks you can earn "bucks" that you can change in for gift cards! I paid for half of Christmas and a few birthdays with these Amazon gift cards!
Here are a few more Dave quotes and a few sites to sign up for for some money saving places to shop:
If broke people are making fun of your financial plan, you’re on track.
What can you do when you have no payments? Anything you want!
Debt is dumb, cash is king and the paid off home mortgage has taken the place of the BMW has the status symbol of choice.

The average millionaire drives a three year old car and clips coupons.
If you live like no one else, later you get to live like no one else.

An emergency fund changes a crisis into an inconvenience.
Living Social:
Groupon:        Click the Groupon Widget
Seize the Deal:
Swagbucks: or click the Swagbucks Widget

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lamb That Came Home: Coming Out of Hiding

Lamb That Came Home: Coming Out of Hiding: "I'll admit it, I have been hiding and for quite a while now. Which is in part of the reason it has taken me so long to write this post. I ha..."

Friday, July 29, 2011

Lamb That Came Home: Coming Out of Hiding

Lamb That Came Home: Coming Out of Hiding: "I'll admit it, I have been hiding and for quite a while now. Which is in part of the reason it has taken me so long to write this post. I ha..."

Coming Out of Hiding

I'll admit it, I have been hiding and for quite a while now. Which is in part of the reason it has taken me so long to write this post. I have also been busy but not so much that I couldn't take the time to write. I am going to admit to you what I have been allowing myself to believe for years now. I thought I was a fake. I didn't even know it till last night. I have believed the lies of Satan that I was just a fake Christian. That every kind thing I have done, every act of worship and every praise that I have given my Savior was fake. Satan has been whispering to me for years that everything I have been doing to give honor to the Lord was just for show and that if people really knew me, they would know that I wasn't a real Christian because I didn't have the relationship with Jesus like normal Christians. But that is not true and I will not believe the lie anymore. I am a Christian and I give my life to Jesus everyday. I serve people every way I know possible not because I want people to see but because I have given my life over to Jesus. I want to be transformed to look more like Him and if people see my good deeds that they would give glory to God for allowing me to do whatever He has blessed me with the ability to do. If you are struggling with this feeling I would pray and encourage you to seek lots of prayer from family and your minsters and church family. This is key in breaking down the wall that Satan puts up around your heart. While a good portion of my church family was in Colorado this week at the NYR (National Youth RoundUp) I was alone at the church cleaning a lot. I don't do silence well so I broke out my iPhone and download some podcast from College Heights Christian Church, my home church in Joplin. By allowing myself the time to truly listen to what the Lord was speaking to my heart and through talks I had with our youth minster, I was able to see for the first time since my divorce, that God is still wanting to use me. He wants to use a broken hearted divorced woman to show others that you can come out of places you never thought you'd be in and transform your life with His power. You wants to use YOU! As most of you know, Joplin suffered a major storm. I would say ninety percent of my family lives in or on the borders of Joplin. God will use the broken hearts of Joplin for healing and show people His glory. How amazing it was to listen to Randy talk about how the Church (meaning God's people not just CHCC) were able to help so many people during this disaster in there lives. I pray for you now, reading this. Allow God to work in your life. If you have be baptized since birth and never swore a day in your life and if you a broken hearted widow like Ruth, allow the Lord to be the ruler of your life and see all the blessings He has in store for you.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

List of ten things that will make me happy

First off, a Coach purse. I would prefer the bigger style but medium would work.
Secondly, a new washer and dryer, mine are the ones my mother had that I grew up with.
Third, weekly pedicure with friends.
Fourth, the courage to sing more and get a record deal.
Fifth, a iPad.
Sixth, ability to go to the store and shop for groceries and not worry if I spend too much.
Seventh, a personal trainer who came to my house and helped motivate me.
Eighth, a new wardrobe of high fashion clothing.
Ninth, the new mini copper with four doors.
Tenth, a mothers helper.
Wow, if I just got all of these, I would be truly happy. Right? Wait, what if the Coach purse got written on with a sharpie the day after I bring it home? What if my washer and dryer don't work as well as the ones I have? What if my friends are busy and can't come? What if everyone hates my singing? What if my iPad gets stolen? What if I get fat from buying too much food? What if I still gain weight with a trainer? What if the new clothes don't fit cause I gained weight? What if I crash my car? What if my mothers helper quits?
How many things I think about that would make me happy, but truly won't. The only thing I know that can make me happy every day of my life is Jesus Christ and making Him Lord of my life. If I don't make that decision when I wake up everyday, happiness will never find me because the what ifs in life happen. Christ will never leave and will never stop loving you. He is waiting with arms open and saying to you, calling out, "Dear child, welcome home!"

Monday, January 24, 2011

Lamb That Came Home: Lauging at a funeral...

Lamb That Came Home: Lauging at a funeral...: "I know, not what you expected but it really happened! First of all I want to apologize for being absent for so long! I was out of town, got ..."

Lauging at a funeral...

I know, not what you expected but it really happened! First of all I want to apologize for being absent for so long! I was out of town, got in town, we all got sick and then... dum dum dum- I started writing a book! It is in the first stages but I really felt lead to this and hoping that it will be something of interest! I will keep writing my blog and I have some specific goals for what I am writing here so please be on the look out for more!

Back to the story- You know the belly laughs that are almost impossible to contain, well it happened to my sister and I at a family members relatives funeral! It was a small viewing and there was only a few handful of people there but a lot of them were relatives. My sister and I were in early high school, maybe even junior high and we had gone up to see the sweet lady who had gone home to Jesus and we noticed her rings were not on her hands. Now, let me say she wasn't the kind of woman who adorns herself with jewelry but she did always have her rings a on and they were missing. Once, we had seen her we took our seats and waited for the service to began. I leaned over to my sister and commented that the rings were missing. We very quietly discussed where her rings were and came to the conclusion that they would have given them to the family. I thought for a moment and whispered to my sister, "Put my rings in my mouth, I want to be buried with them." Other than the fact it was completely inappropriate, she started giggling. Seeing her laugh made me laugh and we tried coughing to cover it up but it was hard! We finally regained composure and made it through the rest of the service. No one really noticed what had happened but when I think back on it, I have really learned my lesson. No, not that laughing at a funeral is wrong- lots of times we are able to gather together and see friends and family we don't see regularly. More importantly we get to celebrate a life, which in my opinion is an awesome way to honor someone, by remembering them fondly.
No, what I think about now is we don't get to take things with us. We can collect everything we can get our hands on but on our last day of earth, our thoughts will not be about, I didn't play the last video game, checked out the newest show or bought the designer jeans. Our thoughts will be about our family, friends and our Maker. We need to be ready today, because tomorrow could be our last. I'll leave you with these last words to ponder:
When you have to make a choice and don't make it, that is in itself a choice.  ~William James