Thursday, October 27, 2011

Judging a Bad Mom

So here's the deal, I know this bad mom. She loves them, but I just think she could do so much better job. She yells at her kids and loses her cool pretty quickly. But the kids act spoiled and through fits a lot. Usually at least one of her kids are crying when they are in public. It looks like she's trying but I just don't understand why house is a mess. There is always dishes in the sink and I know for a fact that she doesn't stick to her grocery list and goes out to eat a few times a week. Why is it so hard for her to keep her kid in control? Both kids are super picky and it looks like they don't eat very healthy no matter what she makes for dinner. Do other people have these problems, too? Her girl is always crying! She cries about the color of her shoes and cries about going to school. And the boy, I swear he is always running! I have never seen him slow down. I think if I hear her say, "No!" one more time, I'm going to cry for her. I did forget to mention that her kids really love her and are always following her around and they always want to be with her. What do you thing, am I really a bad mom? Today I am feeling like one. My five year old daughter refused to get on the school bus after she begged for a month to ride the bus. I finally signed her up, we stood out in the rain and waited and when the bus pulled up, she freak out! I told her I just couldn't do it and she was not allowed to ride the bus till next year. So, please tell what to do, because honestly,  this bad mom doesn't know what to do.
(I know I am not a bad mom, I just know I need some help here!)

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