Monday, February 25, 2013


Have you ever been there? Maybe you know me personally and know that I can be awkward. Maybe you are awkward yourself. Seems to me, I end up in a lot of awkward situations but mostly I attribute that to God having an amazing sense of humor! Well, last night I had a dream and if you dream a lot like me, then you have some super weird dreams. My dream last night was pretty much the most amazing dream I have ever had. I am not sure if you are a Harry Potter movie fan like me but let's just say if you were Harry Potter and I was Snape, I'd give you my magical dream tears so you could have a glimpse of what I saw last night.
The setting was a long table and it was like a Thanksgiving meal with lots of people but no talking. I knew all the people in this dream. Three people other than myself stick out in the dream. One was a boyfriend from high school. He is a great Christian man who is married with kids and very happy. He smiled the whole dream. Also there was my ex-husband, smiling. He was sitting next to his wife and she smiled also. My husband sat beside me and we smiled. We passed food back and forth and smiled. Not a crazy, weird smile, it was a genuine smile. A smile that exuded peace and forgiveness. If you have never broken someone's heart, you won't know what I mean to have extreme forgiveness and I got it in the dream last night. There was no guilt!
The dream allowed me to experience a tiny bit of Heaven. I totally think there will be talking in Heaven unlike my dream. I believe that the joy and peace I experienced is totally real and true! I woke up and it was as if the feeling lightly faded but I will never forget how amazing it felt and I have to tell you, I am looking forward to being called home to Heaven even more!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Are You a Christian or a Christ-Follower?

Some would say that there is no difference, but lately I have heard about these "Christians" that keep being called out for bad behavior. I don't know some of these people and some are even celebrities who claim to know the One who created the stars but that is not for me to judge. Deciding if you are a Christian or a true Christ-follower is important.  Figuring it out means laying it all out there and seeing who you are choosing to be. Am I choosing to be a person who seeks Jesus and serving His people with every breath I breathe? Do I stop and think about where my money is truly going and if it is helping spread His good news to the broken hearted? Is my light shining in the darkness so that people know Jesus because of the love I have shown? Or do I go to church on Sunday and fight with my spouse all week? Do I quote scriptures out of context and enjoy make people feel guilty? Has my pride become so great that Christ no longer lives in me?
For me, it is a choice everyday to wake up and choose to have a relationship with Christ. To be a Christ-follower to me, means that I seek out the lost and the Word of the Lord comes out of me like a balm on a burn. Healing wounds that always come at much to high a cost. The cost of sin is never worth it but the light that Jesus shines in the darkest parts of our hearts cleans and washes away that pain. Is there someone who needs your love and grace today? Christ wants you to follow Him and show the lost the Way.