Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Time for a Job Change

I am sitting at the computer again trying to think up ways to make extra money. I have had lots of ideas, some that are even pretty good, others that I may still try out. However, I realized that maybe the reason I am not making any money is because that is not what God has called me to do. Maybe he really did call me all the years ago when I dedicated my life to missions to serve on the missions field. So here I am 30, and deciding it's to finally listen and pull a Jonah! 

I am not exactly sure what I'll be doing and how much right away but I know I am called to serve and NOW is the time to start. I forgot to say where, did I? I know that is always important to find out where someone is! Joplin is where I'll be answering the call. The lost are here in this city and they are my neighbors. I was created to tell other people about Christ and His love and I can only do that by loving and befriending the people I see everyday. 

I'm kinda scared. I know who I'll seek out first. His family is the reason I was able to be drawn to Christ in the first place. Jay and Julie St. Clair are home to me. I know with their and my families support I know I will be able to serve Christ and fulfill my calling in life.