Thursday, July 25, 2013

It's About That Time of Year!

If you are thinking back to school, then you are kinda right but that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about my birthday! (Imagine me saying like Rapunzel in Tangled) It is a little over a month away and here lately I have really been struggling internally about birthday parties. I have no problem when people throw family birthday parties for their kids or when they scheme elaborate surprise parties that cost hundreds of dollar. Whatever works for your family is best for you.
 This year I'd like to invite everyone to celebrate my birthday! Wait, what? You live across the big ocean? We went to high school together and you always thought I was judge-y and weird? Yeah, that was true. But I want us to celebrate because I'm turning 30! We may have cake and I'll go out to eat with my family but I am thinking present right now! Guess what? I already know what I want! You are in luck because I am going to tell you.... Right now! I have two ideas for you. I'd like you to get some groceries and head to Watered Garden Rescue Mission and drop them off. They need everything right now. Don't worry about waiting for my birthday if you get paid tomorrow and it works better for you. You can also help by texting "Irescue1" to 501501 and make your $5 donation today. How easy did I make my birthday gift? 
Now for my friends who live further than a gas tank away from Joplin, MO, please help out your local mission. Here is a helpful link that you can just click on and it will help you locate the food pantries near you! 
So now that you know, let's make a difference! These are children, men and women in our home towns that are going to bed hungry and we can help!

Please if you decide to celebrate with me this year, I'd love to get pictures of your family dropping off food or supplies or even gift cards. Thanks so much for thinking outside the box this year!