Monday, December 5, 2011

CHRISTmas is coming! Santa's Not...

As always, I must say I realize that Christmas is not the actual day of Jesus' birthday. That being said, I will still be throwing Him a party just like when we celebrate birthday parties here on different days due to conflicting schedules.
Some people may not like the fact that my kids will always know Santa is not real for fear that they may tell their children, (I promise, I told them not to talk about it to their friends) but honestly, I am okay with my kids knowing the truth from the start. I don't judge anyone on their parenting style unless of course you are letting your kid hang out the window of the car with no seat belt on like I saw someone do last week! I believed in Santa just like most American children and was pretty upset to find out he wasn't real. But once I made the choice to be completely honest with my kids on everything, I knew what I had to tell them. Big's eyes still light up when we see Santa at the mall and when he handed her a piece of candy at Goodwill this weekend she told everyone we saw but at home when I asked her if he was real, she said he's just pretend. I am at peace with her knowing the truth because when she is older and someone tells her something she isn't sure is pretend or not, she will know that I will always tell her the truth because I always have.