Sunday, July 31, 2011

Useful Ways to be Weird

Debt is normal. Be weird! Quote from man who is truly helping to transform Matt and my financial life. Dave Ramsey, we thank you for helping us open our eyes and helping us pay off some stupid tax. I would suggest to everyone who would like to find there way out of debt or just make a real change in there savings account to look him up! I am just going to give you a list of ways that are mostly practical that can increase your income and decrease your spending.
1. At home haircuts! I bought pair of clippers from Walmart for under $20. Matt and Little's hair grows fast so this paid for it's self the first time I used it. It also come with scissors so I am able to cut bigs hair, too!
2. Coupons. This can be easy or hard depending on how big you go. I am not an extreme couponer at all! I normally only save 15-30% of our grocery bill but every penny helps. We also us groupons and living social a lot to be able to find fun places to go or different restaurants that we normally wouldn't eat at for usually at least a 50% discount.
3. Order water out to eat. We usually get water or Matt and I switch back and forth. If I really need a drink of soda with my meal, I just take a drink of his but usually that saves us about $7 a meal if you are a at sit down restaurant.
4. Reuse anything you can! We take paper bags and make puppets, walmart sacks for bathroom trash bags and I am a huge reusable bag person! I probably have 15 of them!
5. Piggybacking off of 4. Reasors and Target both have a five cent discount per bag off your bill. If you have just five bags you made a quarter extra!
6. Buy "new-to-you". We do this quite a big also. We go to yard sales, Goodwill, consignment and craigslist.We have been able to buy some very nice things that we would not have normally been able to afford from these places. Be careful you check to make things work or are in good condition.
7. Making money: Sell stuff you don't use or need! I use craigslist and yard sale also to get rid of clothes or toys and household items I have no need for anymore also. Great way to start your $1000 emergency fund.
8. Odd jobs. This one is big for me! I have done lots of things to make quick money. I have grocery shopped for people for a fee, I clean the church,babysit, Matt does computer repair. Find out what you are good at or can make and sell what you do best!
9. Open your own business. This one can be very time consuming and can require a large investment. I have a home based business but right now it is very part time but I am hoping to pick up soon once things settle into the school year.
10. Be creative! You know ways that are easy for your family to cut back. Also lots of people are great with money and they may be able to help you sit down and look at your budget and find ways were money might be leaking out without you realizing it!
11. Sign for online freebies or accounts. Lot of times new websites will give you a credit on there account for signing up for the first time. Like No More Rack gives you $10 credit and a chance to earn free gifts if your friends sign up! Also Swagbucks you can earn "bucks" that you can change in for gift cards! I paid for half of Christmas and a few birthdays with these Amazon gift cards!
Here are a few more Dave quotes and a few sites to sign up for for some money saving places to shop:
If broke people are making fun of your financial plan, you’re on track.
What can you do when you have no payments? Anything you want!
Debt is dumb, cash is king and the paid off home mortgage has taken the place of the BMW has the status symbol of choice.

The average millionaire drives a three year old car and clips coupons.
If you live like no one else, later you get to live like no one else.

An emergency fund changes a crisis into an inconvenience.
Living Social:
Groupon:        Click the Groupon Widget
Seize the Deal:
Swagbucks: or click the Swagbucks Widget

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