Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm not one for tears... But

My little boy is two today! I can't believe it and honestly it makes me a little sad. We decided while we were still pregnant that we would only have two natural children and that if the Lord placed it on our hearts to have more we'd adopt and/or do foster care. When I look at his newborn pictures it almost makes me want to cry because he is just so tiny and beautiful. Also, in the pictures there is no noise, which there has been no short supply of since he made his arrival! He didn't sleep through the night till he was about 14 months old and still wakes up every other week just crying for mommy. So for the rest of this week and on into the weekend there will be celebrating in our house with family and friends! You see, my we have another birthday this weekend too so be expecting pictures and maybe a celebration giveaway! :) Here is Mr. Little on his first day in the new world of life! Any you must know he has the biggest, crystal blue eyes ever!

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