Thursday, September 8, 2011

Surprise Blessings!

I called my mom today, well I call her everyday and usually a few times a day! (I think I am at four times today!) I told her I was going to try and go shopping this weekend for a food processor since my dollar store 1-cup processor took an hour to chop all the veggies for my homemade salsa! I had a gift card left over from my birthday and I thought this was the perfect time to use it! I decided to join the twitter party from Macy's and She Speaks since they were going to have some great prizes and I thought, someone has to win, why not me! Guess what?! I won!!! Want to guess what I won?A food processor! This is a top quality, not too big for my tiny kitchen Cuisniart 9-cup food processor! I did a happy dance with Matt who I must admit was a little shocked that I won something so cool and so needed! It is just awesome that the Lord provides things for us even sometimes when we forget to ask Him! Just think what might have happened if I ask Him first! Hope this makes you smile like me and reminds you His blessings always come at the right time!
P.S. the homemade salsa was worth it!

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