Monday, August 22, 2011

Today is the Day!

Well we had a great birthday weekend. I got to spend some quality time with family and since really cool gifts! My Starbucks giveaway was a big hit! Hoping to have another one real soon!
Anyway, we are starting the dreaded potty training on Little today! He will be two in less than a month and showing signs of readiness! We are using our new big boy underwear Disney had on sale this weekend with his best friend, Buzf, better know as Buzz Lightyear! We are also prepared with our cheapo potty chair from Walmart, an array of towels and my newest favorite our potty training Potty Chart from Potty Tots . He likes to look at the picture and point to them in order. So far he has earned one M&M for trying and he'll get five for going potty. I am not sure how fast he'll learn but he catches on to things pretty quick usually! So wish me luck and leave me a comment if you have any advice! This is Little next to his chart and potty! He is growing up fast!

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