Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Beginnings

Things have started to change in my heart and in my life. Right now I am looking for direction on where the Lord is leading our life but I know He has BIG plans for my life right now. I am at a time of listening and trying to glean spiritual guidance from His Word. I am not sure where all He is leading and what He is calling our family to do or where go, but I know I am ready. Turning my life over to the Lord is always new, exciting and scary. This adventure so far has lead me to decide to home school Big next year. I am looking at learning aids everyday trying to make sure I make the right choices. My darling husband has been humbled and has committed to stepping up and being the spiritual leader Christ has called him to be. I couldn't be more happy about the few changes already happening. The Lord has really given me some big inspirations about what to write about on here and I pray that as He leads me, it encourages us both!
Tomorrow, I will be writing a fun post with a giveaway that I love so be looking out for the post!!!

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