Friday, June 24, 2016

Walking with Jesus

I have had some new likes on my blog page so I'd
thought I'd give an update. Things are feeling pretty good lately. We feel settled but in a good way. Like the wind blowing a porch swing on a fall day or the smell of a wood stove when you are walking in the snow. Last semester was great and a crazy adventure. I went back to work part-time, I went back to college and learned ASL (sign language) and I volunteered a few times a week. We started working with the youth at our church and life just feels calm. I am not sure how long it will last. Money still is stretching more than I would prefer, my kids still argue who is going to look in the mirror longer when they brush their teeth, our cars AC only works part of the time. But God is faithful through it all. I am hoping once school starts to begin something I have been quietly working on for a few years though. I have a book series that I have been planning. A few characters, locations, loves and some losses; so we will see how they play out. I have mostly just rambled but I wanted to let you know if you wanted to know. I am hoping to pop in here more now that things feel settled. Enjoy the spray of the sprinkler on these hot summer days.

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