Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Giving Back!

This is totally huge for me! Since my 30th birthday is coming up... in like 5 months, I thought you might want to be prepared! *wink, wink* So today I decided that I wanted to think of some cool gifts since my awesome sister has been asking me for party ideas and I really like to be prepared!  This Christmas we were able to give some gifts in the kids name to the Gospel of Asia. It was really cool to know that the kids have gifts given in their name! 
So onto my birthday... this year I challenge you to think outside the box for your gifts! If you are wanting some new clothes, check out Sevenly! I got one of these shirts last year for Valentine's Day and I love it!
Each week they select a charity or people group who needs donations and they make these totally awesome shirts that go along with the way you are helping by purchasing one of this limited edition Tee's or Sweatshirts! Seriously, who doesn't love a great conversation piece shirt that helps other people!!! I know Tom's are all the rage but these are amazing! These orange Tom's are so cute and were collaborated with the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project. Lush is another awesome project that is helping to change people's worlds with purchase! They sell high quality skin care products that a portion goes to some really important charities. Their charity pots allow you the option to pick from a four organizations to help. 
If you want to find more gifts that you can ask for or gift for your friends and family, check out my pinterest board! I will be updating this and looking for more gifts we can give to make a difference!!!

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