Monday, March 4, 2013

New to Church

Today I watched a few new people at church. I am fairly certain I haven't seen them around but for some reason I was drawn to watching them. They were in my line of sight while singing so it wasn't like I was seeking them out. They looked mildly uncomfortable and for a few reasons they may have stuck out. They came in during the worship and people smiled and said hello as they made there way to their seats and I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like for a "un-churched" person to enter into such a house of Worship. The music was loud and some people would be overly friendly just to make sure they weren't rude. 
What would it be like to have never been to church before? I noticed one guy kept looking around. Our church building is large and decorated very tastefully so I am guessing he kept thinking about how large it was and how high the ceilings were. I wonder what would go on in his heart as our preacher spoke about different walls that are put up in our society. How people groups stick with there own culture of people. 
Is the church showing Jesus to new comers? When people walk do we shove Jesus down their throat or do we make him so "pretty" that coming to Jesus is just like winning the lotto? I am not sure were we are as a Church right now, but I totally know were I want the church to be! I want people to see Jesus' love shining out when they walk in the door. Not overwhelming but pure, untainted compassion for what is going on his or her life. I wish I could have met the new people today but I had other and I was glad to see  others from the church were speaking to them. I hope they saw Christ's face when His church spoke to them today.

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