Friday, December 17, 2010

And the Award go to...

Me, and it sure is not the one I had hoped for! Big had her Christmas Party at school and they were going to sing songs and have a birthday party for Jesus. I dressed her up super cute and made fun little bows for her pigtales. She couldn't have looked cuter! I got Little up from his nap and we got there at 1:19, thinking I was eleven minutes early but turned out I was 19 minutes late! So here I am, Worst Mother of the Year! I missed her singing and half of the party. Totally bummed! I know it was a short party but I want to be there for everything important she ever does and I missed one. All I can say is, I am glad this year is almost over. While I am sure there are worse things I have done, I am still pretty upset with myself. Once the new year starts I will get to look forward to next years and not have to remember all the mistakes I made this year. This next year I am going to be in control of things I let rule over me. Starting with my anger/yelling. I get so upset and then I start to yell, about things to don't even matter! Next, I am going to be wiser about how I spend my money. I am also going to make sure I don't let me eating control me anymore. Too long have I let it be in charge of me. No more! I hope there are some important things in your life you are going to start taking control of too!
I hope this video cheers you up this Christmas season like it did for me on the way home for the beautiful singing of Big!

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  1. I can't see the video for some reason on my phone, but I am sure it's cute! I know exactly what you mean by letting things rule over you. I deal with the same issues! And I think you are a wonderful mother so you don't win that award after all! Sorry!