Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Story

After some intense info that I've shelled out lately I thought I might lighten things up a little. Last night, Big came home from her dads in a good mood, which doesn't happen often. So, she took a quick bath and put on some snugly jammies and hopped in bed with me! We cuddled under the blanket and pulled out The Story. Now, if you are unfamiliar with The Story, I'll post a link in a few. The Story is the Bible in easy to ready format that is written like a novel. We have had it for a few months since my family's church is going through it but I have been bad about remember to read it regularly. We read about Joesph and the coat of many colors. She enjoyed the rainbow pictures that the children's version has. It really points out how so many things that happen in the Old Testament are foreshadowing of Jesus. We talked about Jonah being in the big fish was like being in a tomb for three days. I love how awesome it is that she looks forward to reading it and that she understands it for the most part. At four, she knows that Jesus is the Prince in The Story and that He is coming to save her because He loves her. It really warms my heart.( Kinda like my knock-off snuggie is warming me right now!)
Stay warm on this chilly night and remember that The Prince at the end of The Story wins and that He is coming to take us Home with Him!
http://www.thestory.com/home This gives info about if your church is interested in joining The Story.
(I was not compensated in anyway for this post and it is not sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are solely mine.)

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