Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Thought IT was Real!

I was so excited! I had been searching for a year for it and finally found one I could afford! A COACH PURSE! I know every other girl in Tulsa has one but I wanted one, too! So, there it was $49.99 and half price the next day at the Claremore Goodwill and it was mine. I set up my alarm extra early so I knew I'd make it to the store before the doors opened at eight am. There was a few cars on the parking lot when I got there and it was cold. The first person got out and I followed suit. Once the doors were open I was the the only person asking for it so they handed it to me! GLOWING, I finished looking for a few odds and ends while I carried the Coach purse with me around the store. I felt wonderful! I took the few clothing items I picked up along the way and paid. While standing there, ladies were oohing and ahhing that I had found a Coach purse! I called my mom and sister to let them know about my awesome deal and they were so happy for me. I get home and start to check all the pockets and realized the wear on the purse is a little worse than I realize but I am still pumped. I open the final pocket and a piece of the side lock falls off. I thought, I can fix it, no big deal. But it was a big deal. I got to my trusty swagbucks search and look up how to spot a fake... the news sadden me to tears. While I know it was just a purse, but I had wanted it so bad I didn't it notice that I had been fooled. Thankful, I called the store and explained that the purse had already broken and they let me return it. The money I spent was a lot of money to me since I spend my days looking for sales and freebies. (I mean someone has to win, it might as well be me!) I walked out of the store bittersweet. I got my money back but I lost what I thought was a Coach purse. This was something I really wanted.
How often we ourselves look so great to others when we are just showing the outside smile but on the inside we are fake and broken.
This blog will hopefully allow me to share my heartache and refining with others and ways that I am constantly trying to figure things out as a Christian, wife, mother, sister, friend and bargain shopper.

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